B2bot at Medica 2018: a first feedback

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Man explaining the View Assist technology at the B2bot booth in Medica
B2bot booth at Medica 2018

B2bot was exhibiting a demonstrator of its View Assist concept at the Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf on 12-15 November 2018: a first disclosure of its technology that turned into a very enriching experience.

Despite being in a pre-production stage, the project aroused a lot of curiosity, interest and sympathy from the visitors. The live computer-vision demo displayed on a wide screen caught the eyes and made people stand, stare and ask questions. Questions triggered discussions, and mystery slowly gave way to enthusiastic support when we showcased the first prototype of our mobile solution for blind and visually impaired people: “smart” and “clever” were the two adjectives that we heard most.

The resulting exchanges were particularly rich with persons coming from Asian countries, where people value reverence to their seniors, and where societies shift from traditional elderly care in multifamily homes to state subsidized elderly care. Other discussions opened business opportunities, some led to new ideas, and some were simply happy encounters.

Overall, the View Assist concept and products received an unanimous adherence from visitors of different backgrounds, origins, cultures and traditions. Even folks stopping at our booth for pure business-related reasons quickly pointed out the social impact brought by the concept for the visually impaired people, for the carers and for the society. This alone is a victory on its own and yet another motivation for accelerating further the development of the product.

Stay tuned!